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    Hi all-

    I'll be getting a new/first smartphone sometime soon. I'm not tied to any particular platform, but I am tied to AT&T (geographical/coverage issues). I'm not a fan of typing on small touchscreens, so I'm limiting my choices to two new phones, both available on AT&T this week: the BB9800 (real keyboard) and the Dell Streak (large virtual keyboard).

    I made a list of the top 10 things I'd like to be able to do on my new phone (in addition to making calls), so I'm hoping I can tap into the experience/advice of anyone here who can recommend the best apps on the BB to help me do what I want to do, if the apps even exist:

    1) Browse the web (finally, it sounds like BB has caught up here, with the OS6 browser, so I think this one is covered)

    2) View PDFs

    3) Email (manage multiple pop3/imap accounts; I'm assuming that BB has had this covered for years already, that's why it's famous!)

    4) Edit and view Word and Excel docs

    5) Plain old text editor

    6) FTP/SFTP client

    7) Telnet/SSH client

    8) OpenVPN client

    9) Topo maps that show GPS position, that can be downloaded to work offline

    10) IRC client that supports multiple channels

    I don't mind paying for apps that do what I want, as long as they work well.

    Thanks for all advice!

    08-12-10 11:18 AM
  2. BiG BaLLA 923's Avatar
    Pretty much everything you said a blackberry can do...
    The webkit browser makes it possible to easily view full/mobile pages
    You can buy pdf to go and it is with docs to go and it is well worth the investment.
    Email is a no brainer and the bis/bes system has great push and 2 way sync email
    If you buy the pdf to go then it comes with the doc, excel and power point (docs to go is a great/expensive program but can almost always be bought on sale)
    It has a preloaded memopad
    They have an OPENVPN client I was looking at a while ago for 20 bucks.
    The GPS with online use does not happen on blackberry, I have been wanting that for a while. They do have multiple free/paid gps apps with position and turn by turn direction.
    After looking online they have an IRC client that is currently small but is growing by the day and many people have had success with it.

    Sorry I didn't hit some of the points.
    08-12-10 11:31 AM