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    My camera has recently stopped working , it gives me the "camera could not start , close other applications and try opening the camera again". I talked to my cousin who works for Telus and he said try taking the battery out , download the latest software or try a wipe . I have tried everything but the wipe, now if nothing works then I will have to send it out for a repair under warrenty.

    Now the real problem , the front little U shaped cover at the bottom of the phone has broken off and exposed the two screws under it , one of them has the little white warrenty sticker that if you take it off it will void your warrenty , well when my cover broke off that sticker was barely stuck on the screw , I pushed it back on but after a month of no cover and cleaning my phone from dust, the sticker is no longer. So I am wondering what I should do ???

    Thank you

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    12-16-10 01:45 PM