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    This is in reference to the problem that so many people seem to have, regarding caller ID. If I fiddle with the phone numbers in my address book, I can get my blackberry 8830 to show the caller name when I receive a phone call, but it will only show the number when that same person sends me an SMS. Or I can get it to do the reverse. But I cannot get it to show the name for both texts and voice calls. This is very frustrating.

    I have followed the advice found on this and other forums. Content protection is off. I have tried all variations of the numbers, with and without city and country codes, etc.

    I'm sure that part of the problem lies in the different carriers and their different prefixes that we have here in the Philippines. But that doesn't explain it all. Some numbers do show the name for both calls and SMS messages. Mostly on my own carrier. But my carrier has several different prefixes, and some of them work and some don't.

    The funny thing is, when I get it to display one way (name for calls and number for SMS), I can change the address book entry to make it show the reverse (number for calls and name for SMS). It even changes the way previous calls appear in the call log.

    This indicates two things: 1. That both the SMS application and the telephone application can see the name in the address book, and 2. That the phone does something different when it reads the address book to identify callers vs SMS senders.

    Blackberry's own website doesn't have anything helpful, but it seems to be a common problem. It is a very frustrating feature of an otherwise truly wonderful device.

    Someone with experience and know-how, please help!
    03-01-08 03:00 AM
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    Hello & welcome to CB.

    From your smart dailing menu set the national number length for where you live. This worked for me.

    If the numbers where you live are of varying lengths then it may not work for all numbers.
    03-01-08 04:56 AM
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    That's exactly my point. The numbers are different lengths. The city code for the city I live in uses a single digit. Most other cities in the Philippines have 2 digits. And cell phones have a 3 digit prefix.

    Even my cheap old Nokia could handle all the different prefixes and match the numbers up with the right entry in my address book. I have seen a lot of other entries on forums about this type of problem, and most people seem to just accept it as a limitation of the blackberry. I have a hard time believing that.

    Thanks Hazysky
    03-01-08 05:05 AM
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    Perhaps another user who has varying length numbers in their country will come along and help you out.

    Hope you get it sorted
    03-01-08 05:13 AM