1. gwrgolf's Avatar
    Strange thing happened this morning. My browser went nuts and I couldn't back out of a page - ended up pulling the battery. When I went back in, I noticed my Call Logs were erased and so were most of the emails on one of my accounts. Also my SMS messages were gone..

    Not real happy about this. Any ideas? Thanks!!
    07-17-08 01:30 PM
  2. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    first thing go to options>status, whats your file free
    07-17-08 01:33 PM
  3. gwrgolf's Avatar
    23.3MB free
    It's never dropped below 22.6
    I haven't had the phone that long and have not added any additional apps
    07-17-08 01:38 PM
  4. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    I would try cleaning up a bit and see if it helps: How to Free Up Memory on your BlackBerry Smartphone | CrackBerry.com
    07-17-08 02:22 PM
  5. Solachica's Avatar
    Search memory leak or Call log being deleted etc.
    You would find answers.

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    07-17-08 03:00 PM
  6. Phelos's Avatar
    Yes definately sounds like a low memory problem. Keep your memory from getting too low. Some MMS will hog a lot of space. I suggest if you want to save them then just e-mail them to your home PC then delete from just the handheld.

    I try to keep my file free around 17 and do a battery pull when it get down to around 10.
    Also a frequent battery pull will keep you running smoothly. Along with keeping yournumber of apps down. Always close out of apps when you are through with them.

    Hope you get your fix!

    Happy Crackberring!


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    07-17-08 03:10 PM