1. golden_35's Avatar
    I have a question that does not relate directly to smartphones.

    Four years ago, I had an opportunity to acquire an unlimited voice plan for $30/month (555-1111). Without skipping a beat, I decided to pick it up and have my existing cell phone number (555-2222) forwarded to this new number (this was before networks allowed number transfers).

    Five years later, I am stuck paying for my old number (555-2222) as well as the unlimited phone # (555-1111) because too many of my business contacts know both numbers.

    Is there any service in Manitoba that I could transfer my old # (on the cheapest plan that Telus had) onto some other sort of service where I will not be paying $20/month?

    I know that a cell phone cannot have more than 1 number assigned to it but is there a service that will host my old number and have a call forwarding option for a reasonable rate?

    03-07-08 01:23 AM
  2. jcj1's Avatar
    set call forwarding for other # to the unlimited line and when they call it it rings the unlimited line
    03-08-08 10:59 AM