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    My tour drops calls when it is in 2g networks (without a BB plan) and cant even make a call when it is using with blackberry service it always say call failed in both situations. So i only use 3g signals and 3g signals are always stable - 77dBm but 2g fluctuate always form -77 to -95 etc. How can i solve this problem? If i buy a reception fix from ebay and if I replace the the antenna with the new one, will it solve the problem? I tried deleting the unwated networks in network preferred list in order to avoid unnecessary network changes and tried changing the sim to another carrier too. Still the problem exist. Any idea to get rid of call failed problem when using 2g?
    01-02-11 03:21 AM
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    Your report is confusing - do you have a service plan for BB data or not? The answer doesn't change the call drop problem, but BB data service provides another way to see if your phone is really losing contact with the network or if the network side is dropping your calls.

    The signal you mention seems to be adequate, and the phone should work ok at -95dBm. It is unlikely anything purchased on ebay will help with this problem. The fact that the phone shows stronger -77dBm signals on 3G suggests the antenna is fine. However that is only an indication of the signal received at the phone and it doesn't say anything about the quality of signal transmitted to the network.

    There are many causes of call drop on both sides of the connection, If you can describe exactly what you hear and see on screen as the call fails it might help to identify the cause.
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    01-02-11 03:56 AM
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    Thanks a lot for the reply. Well this is what happens in my tour. When ever i started working with 2g signals (without a blackberry plan) the calls get dropped almost in like 3 minutes saying call failed and i hear a some sound , but when i inserted a sim with BB plan I cant make calls at all and it says call failed. This happens only in 2g and also I cant even browse internet though it shows signals in the phone.
    This happened after an upgrading the o/s. It orginally had 4.7 and i updated it 5 and there after i downgraded and tried and the problem still exist.At the moment i am running .1030 and i have tried almost all the o/s's released so far, tried radio swaps and still couldnt get rid of this problem so i thought it must be a hardware issue.
    When using with 3g phone works fine no problem at all but the problem is some areas are not covered with 3g reception so i cant use my blackberry when i travel.
    01-02-11 04:32 AM
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    This suggests network-side problems as the main cause. The working 3G says your phone is probably working OK and does NOT have a hardware fault. However you say you have messed with the OS, and "swapped the radio" which I suspect means you have tried to load non-standard software. That can cause all kind of strange and unpredictable problems. My advice is to reload the entire software exactly as released by one of the carriers - at least any bugs will be well documented.

    The failure on 2G after 3 minutes... is this a "call failed" message on screen and the sound is always some kind of tone? (In UK we get a sequence of three rising tones). That would suggest the call was dropped by the network, and your phone is still on the network to receive the notification of failure.

    Problems with the BB enabled SIM... if this is a new SIM it sounds like a setup problem for the account. Did this SIM ever work correctly?

    Did you register the BB at your network's BIS website and setup email to your phone? Try registering the Host Routing Table again (Options, Advanced, Host Routing Table, <menu key>, Register Now) then go your network's BIS website, login and send Service Books again. Details in http://forums.crackberry.com/f3/blac...e-series-4716/ if you need guidance.
    01-02-11 05:35 AM
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    Well using with the blackberry plan includes registering it on the network and getting the neccessary service books too. Well I had a storm which worked smoothly with both carriers i use and there weren't any call drops.

    I havent messed the o/s, i have installed the carrier released official o/s .1030. I tried almost all the o/s releases, hybrids and radio swaps ( I think this is not messing an o/s its something everyone does because if the o/s is running on the same platform you can swap the radio)

    I saw hundreads of threads in many forums regarding this problem in many blackberry models. This sometimes had cause when they changed the housing in my case it is not. 3g works completely normal and tried TEST on status screen with 2g signals and tested RF equipment and checked signal level during the call and it showed even at the same place fluctuated from -77 to -95 and all of a sudden call failed.After this you cant make calls for sometime. Doesnt this show drop of signals caused the problem and the problem is in my antenna or my signal reception IC?
    01-02-11 06:59 AM
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    There is no problem with the antenna which is used by both 2G and 3G. I am pretty sure the 2G and 3G radio services are also in a combined chip, and the fact that it works differently with 2 different SIMs says it is likely to be a network or SIM (account) issue.

    I don't think the signal variation you see is significant. -95dBm should be at least 10x stronger than the signal needed to maintain a connection. However you skipped my question about exactly what indicators you see and hear when it drops a call.
    01-02-11 01:11 PM
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    Thanks a lot for trying to help me. Although you said that it that there is no problem in the antenna i just replaced with chinese made antenna in ebay for just 5$ and got my problem solved. Any one who has the same problem can do the same ...this is being a problem with a lot blackberry models as the factory fitted antennas do not work properly. Just search for a reception fix with model in ebay and you can see it n just 5$ with shipping and worth buying..incredible signal level -77 2g and 3g both always love it
    01-14-11 10:58 AM