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    Seems my problem is somewhat common but I have been unable to locate a definitive solution.
    It seems that notwithstanding the fact that my BB is set to Keep appointments "Forever", Calendar entries, other than recurrent appointments, are constantly being deleted from the device. As a result, when I sync (two way sync) with BB Desktop Manager, the sync function wants to delete the entries from my Outlook calendar because they have been deleted from the BB.

    For the most part I have been careful to not "accept" when the sync recommends the deletion. Also, one solution I read was to reset the sync setting on DM each time this occurred. This also worked. However, I have now started using Funambol. Love the over the air syncing but now, when the BB deletes appointments, the sync automatically deletes from the Funambol server and them my outlook.

    I just read that perhaps this was because of a lack of memory, that the BB deletes appointments when app memory gets low. Is this accurate?

    Any solution would be greatly appreciated.
    02-08-11 03:29 PM