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    I'm trying to decide on a Blackberry Storm or an iPhone. The make or break for me on this is CalDAV synchronization for calendars. I can't find anything stating that the Blackberry will do this (And thus I don't think it will).

    The iPhone get's CalDAV support in 3.0 which comes out in June. Does ANYONE know if this is in or planned for Blackberry's OS?


    The only way I can think to work around this is to have Google sync my remote calendar, and then run Google Sync on the Blackberry to update the calendar. Would that work?

    04-03-09 08:56 PM
  2. jfunker's Avatar
    Yeah, unfortunately as far as I know, no CalDAV support built into the device. Of course, if you are using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (got a BlackBerry from your work kind of deal), then I'm sure it has some sort of CalDAV built in.

    The way I've been getting around it is doing exactly what you suggested. Google Calendar and Google Sync. Personally, I use a Mac (Tiger) with iCal. Google's CalDAV support is only available in Leopard, so I enter all of my calendar information into calendar.google.com - then that syncs to and from my BB and IS read-only on my tiger iCal. My dad however, who has an iPhone, uses the CalDAV feature in iCal on Leopard, and with Google Sync, you can have it sync up to 5 calendars (maybe more - not sure). So it syncs my Google Cal, his google cal, and my girlfriends google cal. In Windows I know google makes a sync app for Outlook. You could use that then use Google Sync on your BB to sync that. It is possible, and it sounds complicated, but really it's not. Very reliable for me - no problems so far! Had some issues with contact sync, but calendar sync is perfect!

    Let me know what you decide to do!
    04-03-09 11:34 PM
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    Let me expand on that post...

    I run Zimbra for my email, calendaring and contacts, etc. I get full syncing to Thunderbird with everything, and I want to expand that to a BlackBerry (or an iPhone). The Contact syncing is secondary, but the calendar syncing is a must. Using a BES server is not a possibility (Plus I plan to use the Exchange functionality for my Business email and calendar).

    Zimbra has a "mobile version" that runs on Java based OS's (Read: Blackberry) but it doesn't support the Blackberry Storm yet. I CAN access it all via the web client as well, which is an option as well. I'd like to get the notifications though as well.

    There MIGHT be a way to make Google sync a remote calendar, but it requires me making my calendars on my end public, and it also negates any two way syncing I believe (both of which make it a no go).


    The iPhone is an option, but ATT kinda sucks here... And no 3G at home until June probably as well they tell me (Which means I'd be stuck on Edge until that happens).

    04-04-09 11:14 AM
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    I Created a new calendar in i-cal (on my Mac) and the next time I hooked up my phone the Desktop app asked if I wanted to use that as a destination for events created on phone. I did. The other (CalDAV) files are read only and can only be synced from Mac to phone.
    It works fine unless you want to make changes to computer events on the phone
    02-21-11 07:17 PM