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    I received my D- Tek 60 last week and did the recommended "Content Transfer" using my Google account.

    Unfortunately, only about 10% of my calendar entries came across: Namely, those in my HOME calendar, but none of those in my specific (under my own name) calendar - when un-ticking my HOME calendar (in the Passport), I see practically all of my entries since 2009, when I un-tick my name calendar, I only see a handful of random entries during 2016.

    As I have been with BB ever since my 8520, I have 8 years of Calendar entries - which I need for work.

    I am trying to switch from Passport on OS to the Android Marshmallow OS.

    I have never used an on-line Calendar before - but as D-Tek 60 doesn't seem to backup (at least not in LINK?) I will need to somehow EXPORT my current Passport Celendar to an on-line version - Yahoo! or Google perhaps?

    First, can someone suggest if it is worth re-formatting my D-Tek and trying again - perhaps there is a way to transport my name calendar into my 'Home' calendar?

    Second, is there a way to back up my Passport BB calendar:
    when looking at Settings - General - ICS Export Version - it say "iCalendar 2.0"
    Unfortunately, there is no EXPORT option?
    Any way of storing it on-line somewhere from my Passport and then - hopefully - uploading onto D Tek ?
    Ultimately, I would be more than happy if I can just syncronise my Passport with an online version

    Very grateful for your help
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    08-12-17 07:47 AM
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    Just an update of what I have done so far.

    Still haven't managed to upload (import) my old Passport Calendar to my new D-Tek 60. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    I have created a Google Calendar and am managing to sync almost instantly between it on-line, a Google Calendar APP on my phone and the (almost empty) BB Calendar on the new D- tek 60.

    I can input new appointments in ANY of those three calendars, but only when I input into Google directly, will the appt appear on all three.

    Put more simply, it seems that if I want to be able to FULLY BACKUP on-line as well as duplicate entries on both phone apps, I need to:
    1/. Create new appointment on Google Cal (either online or on phone).
    2/. remove NOTICES from Google Cal on phone in settings (as otherwise you get two sets of notices)

    This gives you the BB Cal ability to Snooze, as well as a desk top prominent notice, with the Google Cal sync facility to back up online ...

    This is good enough for me, going forward, but I would love to be able to somehow import my previous 8 years of BB Calendar entries - iCalendar 2.0 - maybe through Link?
    08-14-17 10:21 AM

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