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    HI there,
    OK, here goes:
    I am on o2 in the uk, use a 9780 on BIS, at the moment I have just one calendar which is associated with my email address that I put iinto when I set the device up, this in turns syncs with my outlook via a cable and all is good.

    Got a 9810 the other day and as always fully backed up everything.
    Loaded up the 9810 and device swop, then inserted sim car and did BB ID, password for the email account and voila! (got an email on the 9810) saying that the old 9780 won't be havinjg ana email sent to this device, which the norm.

    Problem with my 9810 so had to send it back.

    Went back to 9780 and had to reactivate my email account, did this and had to do a set up email with my regulkar email address and password. Only issue was that on my 9780 it did not have just the one calendar, it had the 2, one was associated to my email address and the other was I think default. NOW I only want to have just the ONE calendar on there. In the end I had to do a restore from back up which was fine but again when I tried to activate my email it again made 2 calendars......again another restore from an ealrie back up and managed to somehow do it???? Think I had to send the service books to me and all seems ok for now.
    Now the problem is, in case I have to do it again I just want one main calendar and not the 2....looking on the net it could be the fact that of you swop back to a device then do the insert sim card first to activate your email account then once emails are flying in THEN do a back up with your data.
    Can anyone of your learned people please assist me in this as really want to know what to do incase I have to do it again.
    All the very best my BB fans of plenty.
    09-29-11 10:51 AM