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    I would like to import Calendar text file to BB Calendar. When I do this it does not import the Start Time, End Date, End Time; field properly...it does not find data in the fields.

    Subject >> Test import
    Start Date >> 03/21/2009
    Start Time >> 8:00:00 AM <<<<<< here is the problem
    End Date >> 03/21/2009
    End Time >> 8:30:00 AM <<<<< here is the problem
    All day event >> FALSE

    When I import the the tab delimited file it imports shows the Start and End times blank and imports the file as an all day event. I have tried quotes around the times, I have tried time format as 08:30 AM, 08:30AM, 8:30 AM have the same result. I have tried a CSV file still on luck.

    Any help would REALLY be appreciated. I have exported an outlook format and tried to import it and still the same issue. I am not using outlook. My end result is to import a .ics file. But I am trying to understand what the BB calander fields are.
    03-21-09 12:40 PM