1. jeffreynye's Avatar
    Yes, I know, search before you ask. I've tried, and can't find an answer. Maybe I'm just not a good searcher. I apologize in advance if everyone knows how to handle this but me.

    Long story short, my BB has merged my Outlook calendar from work (through BES) and my personal Google Calendar (through Google Sync). Both had been coexisting peacefully for about eight months, but three days ago they decided to join forces against me. Now, all of my personal items from Google Calendar (including calendars that I've subscribed to or that have been shared with me -- such as my wife's personal calendar, or holidays, or weather, or sports teams, etc.) show up in my work calendar, which is accessible to everyone else in my office.

    (And all of my work appointments also show up on my personal calendar, which doesn't bother me -- in fact, if there were a way to make my work appointments show up on my personal calendar but to prevent my personal appointments from showing up on my work calendar, that would be awesome, because then my wife would know my work schedule but my co-workers would not know my wife's schedule.)

    So now, if I add an appointment to my Outlook calendar, it will show up on my BB and on my Google calendar. If I add an appointment to my Google calendar, it will show up on my BB and on my Outlook calendar. Regardless of where I initiated the appointment (i.e., in Outlook on my work computer, on my BB, or in Google on any computer) it shows up in all three places.

    How can I keep the two separate?
    01-17-10 09:39 PM
  2. jbonnot03's Avatar
    First make sure you still have the service books for each calendar. When you add an appointment on your BB, make sure the correct calendar is selected before you save the appointment. Unmerging is going to be a painful process. If you are OK with work appts in Google, you should be OK. Go into Outlook and change the current view to a list type view (View, All appointments). Now sort this list by Date modified. Look for the day that the calendars merged and then highlight and delete the entries. Not sure if I helped or muddied the waters. PIN me (20ef3a2b) if you have some more questions and I will do my best to help as I know how frustrating the calendar issue can be.
    01-18-10 07:46 AM