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    I utilize the Calendar on my BB Curve and would like to know if there is a way to add a task or a reminder to a certain day and or time without adding it as an appointment??

    09-09-10 06:06 PM
  2. T
    Yes, the tasks application has an option where you can choose whether or not to have tasks displayed in the calendar. (Actually, that setting is in calendar options and it's called "show tasks" which can be set to yes or no.) If you choose not to display tasks, they will still pop up on their due dates so long as you set a reminder. Just remember, if you set a recurring task, for instance weekly, on Monday morning, be sure to mark the task "completed" when it pops up, or a new recurring task and reminder for next Monday will not be automatically set. You can always, at your convenience, clean out the completed tasks when inside the tasks application by pressing menu then "delete completed."
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    09-09-10 06:19 PM
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    If you are running 5.0+, you can also set multiple alarms within the calendar. So if you need just a reminder, you can do that from within the calendar without needing to set an appointment or task entry. The only thing is that you'll see the alarm symbol on your home screen.

    I utilize my calendar quite a bit as well, and use all three (appointments, tasks, alarms) to keep me on track.
    09-10-10 08:04 AM