1. jayt04's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I have a small issue, i have a blackberry bold 9700 and its on BES Express and im from South Australia. Just the other day we had daylight savings which pushed the clock forward an hour.. now when i add a calendar entry in my BB it pushes the appointment up an hour.. but if i make it on outlook its fine.

    So for example, i make an appointment for a meeting at 9am.. click save, then go back into the calendar it says the meeting is at 10am.

    Has anyone had this issue in the past? If so, is there any way to resolve it?

    Thanks for any help!
    10-14-10 06:35 PM
  2. hibanzai's Avatar
    Err, Having been on this forum for only a month now. The answer to most problems seem to be a battery pull. Try that.

    Also check if the calendar is synced with anything, and if that thing is on old time.
    10-15-10 12:16 AM