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    Hi, I'm a new Blackberry user and I use the power station to charge up my Curve. I keep my Curve in the charger all day on my desk and was wondering if that will hurt the battery life? Should I only put it in the charger when it's low or can I leave it in the cradle all day like i'm doing.
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    11-13-07 09:22 AM
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    You should be fine if you follow the instructions and fully cycle the battery three times when it's new. Take it down to around 15-20% three times and charge it back up. After that you can charge it whenever you want. Occasionally, I do run it down to 20% and charge it again, just to give it a full cycle--maybe once every other month or so. LiIon batteries don't have a memory so it's not an issue like it used to be with NiCads.
    11-13-07 11:51 AM
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    thanks for the reply John.
    11-13-07 03:06 PM