1. ThunderStorm00's Avatar
    Hi there,

    Would you have to pay duty on a Blackberry that was MADE in Canada if you buy it in USA and take it / ship it home to Canada!? Im very confused At the most all you are doing is re-importing it No?
    Why would you have to pay duty on it if you buy it in USA and bring it back to Canada?
    Isn't duty on foreign made items? And anyway, wouldn't this item qualify as duty-free under NAFTA?

    Please explain I am waiting.

    10-14-11 09:26 PM
  2. KodyShadow's Avatar
    I am pretty sure if you are Canadian and travel to the US to buy a Blackberry, it falls under the same rules as anything else you buy.............so check with Canada Customs for the dollar value you're allowed to bring back "duty free" based on how long you're down. I think it's $50 per person if you're down 24 hours, $200 per person for 48 hours, and $750 for 7 days. So to buy a Berry duty free you'd have to be down there for 7 days or you pay customs tax. You cannot combine limits for 2 people either.
    Regardless where a product originates, once it hits US soil and is sold from within the US, it's a US good so the duty rules apply.
    10-14-11 09:50 PM