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    I have had a LG rumor now for about three years and I am in dire need of a new phone. All of my friends either have a blackberry or Iphone. I am thinking about getting Torch. I have been all over the internet looking at reviews and comparisons between that and the Iphone but I guess what I am looking for is personal experiences with the torch or other BB's. It would be awesome if anybody had experience with both an Iphone and a BB and could let me know which one was better.

    Thanks guys.
    11-29-10 08:17 PM
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    I have both and iPhone 4 and a Blackberry Torch. I personally find myself using my Torch more. I use my iPhone 4 mostly for games and here and there. I prefer the Torch just cause of the physical keyboard being available. At first I used the iPhone as my primary phone and loved it but got really bored at what the iPhone had to offer, repetitive apps in their large app store.

    The email functionality gets me to enjoy the Torch more as the email set up I find so much simpler.. I find I get a better signal most of the times with the Torch and with my iPhone I get more dropped calls and got it checked by Apple and they claim its within normal operating standards. Get better battery life on my iPhone but I don't mind charging the phones every night. Only advantage I find with the iPhone is when on the 3G network browser is faster.

    I would recommend going into a store and trying both of them out and see which you prefer.

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    11-29-10 08:35 PM
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    Well I have a touch and that's why I was leaning towards Torch. I also really like BBM for some odd reason, I often find myself using it on my girlfriends storm.
    11-29-10 08:54 PM
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    Nothing beats going to the store and playing with the phones! Go to ATT, and try them out, spend some time with an iphone and a torch and see what they can do, THAT is the best thing to help you decide.
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    11-30-10 12:00 AM
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    If you have a Touch, then I for certain recommend the Torch...better yet, if you like a physical keyboard, get the 9780 Bold....

    I am also another that ultimately recommends you testing out both in the store.

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    11-30-10 12:04 AM
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    Well I have a touch and that's why I was leaning towards Torch. I also really like BBM for some odd reason, I often find myself using it on my girlfriends storm.
    Well, the sweet thing is, I believe you get 30 days to 'test-type' and find out if the device is for you. A couple of test runs might give you a taste, but what is a longer time gonna do for you? Sometimes what seems cool in the store gets on your nerves on day 10. So give it a good run and see if it's you.

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    11-30-10 12:06 AM
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    It really comes down to what do you want out of your phone on a daily basis?
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    11-30-10 12:32 AM
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    I agree with hondateg91.

    If you want a phone that handles e-mail (especially multiple accounts) and PUSH notifications better...go with a BlackBerry. It is so much easier to type long e-mails with a physical keyboard (less errors = less frustration).

    If you want a multimedia device (iPod) and gaming platform...go with an iPhone.
    11-30-10 10:26 AM
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    Some people love a touchscreen some don't. It is a matter of choice. BB is a great device, but it is up to you to make the choice. Like mentioned before, go into a store and play with them. Read reviews as well as user reviews. You have a time frame to try them which is good. You have to like what you are going to use because you are "married" to a 2 yr contract and you want the device to fit all your needs.
    11-30-10 12:15 PM