1. MisterShark's Avatar
    I'm trying....I really am...to support BlackBerry at any turn I can, but this kind of stuff is frustrating and it's not the first time I've come across this.
    Korn released their new album today and I was all ready to purchase it in BlackBerry World. I found one song.
    What's with that?

    I guess I'll head to Amazon and get it instead.
    I found the same situation when shopping for Jack Johnson's latest album, with just one song available when the rest of the world was ready to sell me the entire album. BlackBerry World has since made Jack's entire album available but why not on day-1?

    It's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things but it's just frustrationg when you try and support the home team, but they make it hard so often.
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    10-08-13 02:26 PM
  2. SifiGamer's Avatar
    I agree with you

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    10-08-13 02:56 PM
  3. badiyee's Avatar
    BlackBerry killed BlackBerry music for reasons unknown

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    10-09-13 01:34 AM
  4. Aman Darred's Avatar
    I agree that must be frustrating.

    I've had an issue with BlackBerry World while purchasing a song. The song downloaded fine, but all you hear is the scratchy static sound. I deleted it, downloaded it again, and still same problem. I emailed support (address that is on the emailed invoice) and never got a response.

    Things like this shouldn't happen to users who are willing to pay for music.

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    10-09-13 01:46 AM
  5. ljfong's Avatar
    Similar happened to me in the past but for movie renting. After I paid for the movie, the movie started downloading a bit then some error happened and the whole download expired immediately. It was my very first attempt to buy a movie rent. Got a refund eventually after filling a refund claim online through a link Bla1ze posted. Finally I just ended up renting the movie from Google Play.

    Pretty sad.

    Posted via CB10
    10-09-13 02:17 AM

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