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    Heyyyyyyy Youuuuu Guuuuuuys,

    I am looking to get either the Storm or Curve. Thing is I am looking to get it off ebay. I'm not too worried about buying a Curve on ebay I did it before with no issues at all but with the Storm I'm not too sure.

    If I were to do that would I be able to continue paying my monthly insurance fee with Verizon and replace it if it is defective or if it breaks?

    (I would think that wouldn't work since I didn't buy it through Verizon.)

    I don't mind the Curve only becasue it'll be my back up in a few months when my NE2 is up and hopefully the 9630 is out. Also I know it's a great device and they're cheap enough I can get a NIB .

    On the other hand I have seen some pretty decent deals on Storms on ebay and would much prefer to have the Storm as not only a back up but as an alternate when I feel like it. I'm just worried about not having any kind of warranty or insurance on the Storm.

    Since I rambled my original question was...

    If I were to buy a Storm off ebay would I be able to continue paying my monthly insurance fee with Verizon and replace it if it breaks for the $50.00 fee?

    Also, if I can pay for the insurance on the ebay bought Storm and it comes down to which one do I want.... what would you do and why? I'm more looking for reasons you would not buy a Storm off ebay apposed to which device you like better and why.

    EDIT: I am fine with either the physical keyboard or the touch screen and I do like the click screen.

    Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions,

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    be very careful ...there are many scams out there (even with ebay)
    make sure of the persons ratings/creditability and also if i were you I would do a pick up only were you can actually see the bb there and make sure the esn# is good

    04-09-09 08:16 AM
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    As far as I know with verizon. All of my friends have verizon that if you buy a phone from anywhere other then verizon they will not cover it on insurance. If you can't have insurance I would get the curve, because it has been around longer, and has less of a chance of being defective.
    Just my oppinion.
    Most people I know that got the storm went back to the curve. I think that is why they are so cheap on ebay.

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