1. unkl_e's Avatar
    Someone tell me if it makes sense to buy the phone outright either from TMO or from Craigslist and put it on Simple Mobile on a $50/month plan.
    My math went like this:
    $199 on 2 year term = $200 for the phone + (($70 (conservative TMO plan) - $50 (Simple Mobile plan)) x 24 (months) ) = $680 before taxes. Ie (200 + 20x24 =680 + tax)

    Simple Mobile:
    $600 for the phone [if new + tax + unlocking] [if craigslist mid 500s + or unlocking]

    Any pros or cons to the above?
    03-03-13 11:13 PM
  2. infamyx's Avatar
    I've used Straight Talk (different MVNO but ran on AT&T towers) personally and I was very fond of it actually. It is cheaper in the long run to buy the phone outright and run on a prepaid network. Shouldn't need to unlock the phone since they run on the same towers but maybe i'm wrong its been awhile since ive been on GSM, iirc Simple Mobile sims can pop into TMo phones no problem, atleast thats how it was with AT&T phones and Straight Talk.

    Depending on how much you talk you could save even more on Tmo 30 dollar plan 5GB of data and unlimited text but only 100 mins.
    03-03-13 11:27 PM

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