1. thekrishna's Avatar
    Hello my fellow CB members.
    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with buy.com. They have a lot stuff on there cheap like cases for $3 and batteries for $.99.

    Are the products good?
    Do they deliver in a timely manner?
    Any horror stories?
    Basically your opinion will be greatly appreciated.


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    05-18-09 02:57 PM
  2. Tandesrn9's Avatar
    It seems that with cases you really get what you pay for. If I were you i'd just cough up the cash for a nice seidio case.
    05-18-09 02:59 PM
  3. thekrishna's Avatar
    Thanks Tan.
    Reason I'm asking us for the case, and alsop for a new trackball and o ring, which is only $5.39.
    I've heard horror stories about CNN.cn as they take very long to deliver.

    Anyone know of any places in orlando Fl who sells black berry parts?

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    05-18-09 03:30 PM
  4. Tandesrn9's Avatar
    no problem.

    Did you try googling "Blackberry Parts" ?
    05-18-09 03:32 PM
  5. chriscoleman's Avatar
    My suggestion.... Buy your stuff through the site store here! Easy checkout, fast delivery, reasonable prices. Plus it helps support the site we all love.

    And the Seidio cases are great BTW.
    05-18-09 03:34 PM
  6. thekrishna's Avatar
    Crackberry it is. Thank you guys. You rock oh so hardcore

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    05-18-09 03:54 PM
  7. Jusmore's Avatar
    I've bought several items from Buy.com over the years and the purchase has always been risk-free. However, I'd still go with Crackberry for BB items....they specialize in what they sell and their customer service is top-rate. Happy shopping!
    05-18-09 04:20 PM