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    I am thinking of getting a bluetooth gps receiver to use with my Pearl 8100. If the gps is running via the bluetooth does my headset's bluetooth become disabled? If a call comes through can I answer it with the gps still running or does the gps automatically shut down or do I get a choice to switch to my headsets bluetooth? Can the headset's bluetooth remain on while I am using the gps via its bluetooth so I can quickly answer a call? I previously posted this in the Bluetooth forum a few days ago, but received no answers so I am now trying here. Thanks
    09-06-08 11:18 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    I have the Freedom Keychain 2000 GPS puck. It did not work at all with my older Motorola HS815 BT headset.

    I briefly had a Plantronics bluetooth headset, the stereo model. I returned it because it wouldn't stay in my ears. But while I had it, I used it with my Freedom Keychain 2000 on one occasion.

    Using the GPS did not disable the BT headset. I made a call while the GPS was running. I didn't receive any calls. Both the GPS and the headset were on and communicating with my 8830. I wasn't conducting a GPS/BT test per se, and I didn't pay close attention to whether the GPS continued to update while I talked.

    I wouldn't report such casual results, but I saw your post the other day and since no one responded, I figured casual data was better than nothing.
    09-07-08 12:31 AM
  3. markf's Avatar
    Thanks for the post. Hopefully someone else can tell me about their experience with the 2 BT devices operating at the same time.
    09-07-08 01:01 PM
  4. Pawpaw's Avatar
    I use a bluetooth headset @ puck frequently and have no issues.

    I'll go you one better. I have a BT stereo in my truck. I can use my puck while streaming an audio book via BT to the stereo. When the phone rings (or I make a call), the book pauses while I talk hands-free thru the stereo.

    During all of this, the GPS never misses a beat.

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    09-07-08 01:35 PM