1. Chinookman's Avatar
    When using the BT w/ the Bold and now with the Torch there is a scratchy sound that gives me the impression it is not getting a clear signal. The only way it clears up is to hold the phone near my shoulder. If the phone rests on my lap it has a noisy static type background and if I move it to the left leg or side forget it.

    Also to get clear sound I almost have to hold the BT in position with my hand so the ear piece will rest near the ear canal other wise all calls sound like they are far away even with the volume cranked up to max.

    I've even considered buying a hard wired headset in order to get rid of this annoyance. Even the Motorola that had the flip feature to turn it on and off was like this though not quite as bad.

    And aside from buying a dozen of these to find one that works well what other options/suggestions do you all have?
    11-25-10 11:16 PM