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    I just had a genius idea... I really hope RIM READS THIS!!!

    It gets to be kind of a nuisance when I'm working on my computer and I get messages on my blackberry. I have to stop... check the blackberry, then go back to the computer.

    Also its dumb that my blackberry syncs up to my IMAC via bluetooth so well, but really doesn't do much once its connected wirelessly.

    What if my blackberry could sync up with my IMAC with bluetooth, and in the corner of my screen there was a small window running a program that displayed my blackberry inbox (texts, e-mails, and BB messenger). Wouldn't that be sick if you could see messages and respond to them right on your desktop?

    Developers get to work! RIM note this post... I want some credit once this application gets made!
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    08-17-08 12:44 AM
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    Whoa collegekid. You triple posted this same thread. Please do not create multiple threads. The others will be deleted.
    08-17-08 12:47 AM