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    Checked the other threads and didn't see anything that matched. Hope this helps others.

    Recently I've been receiving unsolicited spam from "bplay" - Magmic games, who is using email marketing software to spam people with teir junk. The email came straight to my rogers.blackberry.net email which I've never used anywhere - why would you? - so I know this isn't something I signed up for. Understanding this is marketed spam, it's next-to-impossible to get out of these things with out tripping some OTHER kind of email spam link in the chain... You turn off one, you suddenly get two more.

    Through some work, I found a Technical Support number for the company that provides these companies with their lists of emails to spam, and spoke with a person who assured me (located in Canada, so legally prosecuted otherwise) that they were removing my email from the system. It seemed like it was a fairly normal thing for him to do, based on his proedcure on the phone.

    Decided to come here and make quick access to a phone number that gets you in touch with a person - not surprising... bplay and Magmic games only offer email contact, no phone number (with some digging you can find an Ottawa number for the company) - who will get you off THIS list and prevent you from getting on any others that this company would otherwise sell you out to.

    GOT Corporation (Campaigner Email Marketing)
    Technical Support

    Good luck.
    03-04-10 02:57 PM