1. uwbradley's Avatar
    I bought a barely used 8310 for AT&T today and I am trying to set up my Gmail through IMAP on it. I did this on my old 8310 (that I purchased new two months ago) without an issue. Well, since I found a way to damage that old one...here I am now.

    Everytime I get in to the BIS on this phone, it tells me that there already is an email account associated with the PIN. I have been to the forums and I see how to delete an email account, but I can't get through the login screens cause I don't know the old username for the guy who owned it before me. BIS was able to send me the password though via PIN which I thought was kinda funny.

    How do I just clear it out so that no email addy is associated with the PIN?

    Kinda noob here - thanks!
    09-04-08 04:38 AM
  2. hebalicious's Avatar
    i had the same issue. i jsut called Rogers directly and they wiped it out for me. Try calling AT&T
    09-04-08 11:04 AM
  3. cctraderx's Avatar
    If ATT won't do it, you may have to go back to the original seller and have them call ATT to release the PIN
    09-04-08 11:08 AM