1. uniform244's Avatar
    By reading many post regarding Boost Mobile Blackberry plan ($60.00), You must have a Boost approved Blackberry (8330 or 8530) to enjoy BB features. But here is the question, if I buy one of the above mention phones and transfer the activated sim card to either a 9670 style or 9800 CDMA phone, will it work and keep BB service? I know it works for the 8350i $50.00 plan on boost with no BB features. I used an old phone to get started on boost then I updated my account online to get the 8350i to work properly. Any information would be helpful because my wife has a 8530 boost and I want to buy her 9670 style phone for her birthday. Thanks for any input.
    01-03-11 10:27 PM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    I'm not sure what phones can be put on Boost, but with the ones that can they are Sprint phones, and usually not all the BlackBerry features work.

    It's not easy to do with a Sprint phone though, it requires lots of calling to Boost and speaking with people. You just can't swap the SIM cards, the 8330 and 8530 don't even have SIM cards, and there's no such thing as a CDMA Torch and probably won't be for quite a while. The Torch would need to be a Sprint phone too for it to even have a chance to work.

    I suggest you should get a Boost branded phone if that's what you want.
    01-03-11 10:48 PM
  3. aznlgcy's Avatar
    8530 and 8330 has no SIM and as well I don't think Boost Mobile even supports GSM at all. CDMA technology relies on ESN numbers to be placed on the networks so the network know which phone is active and with which number
    01-03-11 10:53 PM