02-27-09 04:23 AM
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    Well, said I never thought once of this guys fam or his own demise. It was an article about a cell phone and battery. (Nothing More) If anyone has a problem with the story they should contact the reporter or yahoo who posted it. I just copy and pasted as this is a cell / device forum. Next time I copy n paste I will post a link or give credit to whom wrote. For some to take this in a dif direction needs to have constant conflict and the need to debate. It so silly.

    I'm scared to post anthing now because of what this someone will turn it in to

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    So.... what have we learned? Dont buy second rate Chinese phones! (WH, CECT, Parco, Wenzhou,
    Shenzhen Luckystar Digital... etc...)

    If you value your life, that is!
    02-05-09 06:13 AM
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    Amazing. There is a family grieving at this loss and here we have people
    "feeling better" that it wasn't a BlackBerry. Wow!

    And for the record it was the battery NOT the phone.
    For the record?

    Exploding cellphone battery that killed Chinese man was actually a gun - Engadget

    "Now police sources have told local newspapers that the mobile phone was an innocent victim in the case. At first, it seemed as if the man was carrying some sort of homemade explosive, traces of which were found on his body.
    Further examination at the scene discovered the remnants of what appeared to be a home-made firing device, with nine bullets in a separate bag."

    Man 'killed by exploding phone' shot himself - Telegraph

    You attacked the forum en masse for not feeling sorry for this Chinese Tony Soprano, Huang Heping?
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