1. red2erni's Avatar
    My old 3320 had an icon for each of my email accounts. My new 8900 just has a "messages" icon which has a red star for new messages. The messages are listed but when I open them I just get an ID number and there seems to be no way to open the friggin "message", which is frustrating AND useless!

    But ... I was able to get a Gmail icon which brings up that email service. I can't seem to get an icon for my Yahoo email, so I have to go to the browser icon and then go to the bookmark for my Yahoo email.

    Soooo. in general, is there a way to create a home screen icon for a given browser bookmark?

    Also, how can I delete the terrible, I-will-never-uses T-mobile icons in applications folder?

    04-30-09 12:49 PM
  2. SofaKingKev's Avatar
    this is how you do it for an 8330, its porobably similar for you. go to emails press menu>options>general and set emails and sms to seperate.

    and you cant kelete the t-mobile pushed apps permantently. i would just hide them if i were you.
    04-30-09 12:53 PM