1. smoke_green's Avatar
    Im considering upgrading from my pearl 3g to one of the new devices. However i am not to sure which one would do the best. cosmetically they all look good to me. I am a heavy BBM user, i send in and around 2-250 msgs per day, on top of txt and web usage, which i use a lot. IF i get a newer one, it will have to be my main mp3, plus phone. so on top of my normal usage i will have headphones around 3-4 hours a day. Im wondering which device will have the better battery life, and durability, as it will be purchased on a 3 year contract. As well upgrade ability, if one or any new model is looking like it may eventually be getting some form of QNX.
    For comparison sake on my pearl with os6 i get a full day of usage with out playing music on it, but its in yellow to red by bedtime. with music i go through two batterys. I dont want to have to carry a spare.
    Any thoughts?
    08-31-11 04:18 PM
  2. DannyJK's Avatar
    I think its been officially stated that the new OS7 phones will not support QNX. Sorry to disappoint.
    08-31-11 04:22 PM