1. London_Falcon's Avatar
    Have searched the forum and found a few posts about blackberries and bluetooth hands free but none answer my specific question.

    My Bold works just fine with the hands free kit. My problem is that I have the Bold password locked and on a longer journey it times out which means that when i try to make a handsfree call I cannot see the options coming up on the Bold's screen. Also my Bluetooth is now on all the time, despite me only using it in the car.

    Simple question - can I create a "Car" profile (to go with "Loud" "Vibrate" etc) that deactivates the password and stops the screen locking?

    If that's possible could "Car" profile also activate the bluetooth and then de-activate it when i return to "Normal"
    03-11-10 06:57 AM
  2. JasW's Avatar
    Nope -- profiles just adjust notifications for phone calls, messages, et al. (e.g., they set ring tone and volume, vibration, LED light, etc.).

    When you say you can't see the "options" coming up on the screen when a call comes in via Bluetooth, are you talking about Answer or Ignore? I'm not sure why one needs to see the Bold's screen when using Bluetooth in a car -- in my car, the incoming number shows on the car's radio/stereo display, while in my wife's car, the number is announced by the Bluetooth device.

    Also, I leave Bluetooth on all of the time so it automatically connects to Bluetooth in the car. Even assuming there is an effect on the battery -- I personally don't believe there is -- it's so minimal as to be practically non-existent.
    03-11-10 07:59 AM
  3. andyahs's Avatar
    I use a BlueAnt bluetooth speaker in the car and incoming calls will light up the screen as well as it being announced over the speaker. Outgoing calls the same when I use the voice dialing feature, the screen lights up when that kicks in to prompt me to say a command.
    If your going on a long trip unlock the phone for the trip. May be a pain but you will get your calls.
    03-11-10 08:24 AM