1. hari.p's Avatar
    hello friends,

    i love the Bold but i'm still not able to get used to the size - it does feel big in the hands and i'm constantly worried about dropping it by mistake.

    I've NEVER used a bluetooth and now seriously considering one. But frankly i'm totally clueless with bluetooth headsets.

    Could anyone please help me with the following issues :-

    1. Which headset is really good in noise cancellation - good fit -and decent battery life. I guess most of them are quite small nowadays so hopefully size wont be that big an issue.

    2. Can i listen to music or music videos with a bluetooth headset?

    3. Do i have to manually connect the 2 devices everytime?

    4. Does using a bluetooth seriously hurt the battery life of the phone?

    Thank you very much for the help.
    08-21-08 07:32 AM