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    I came back running to BlackBerry after leaving for an HTC Evo. Nothing against the Evo it was a very nice phone and my wife is still holding on to hers. It just did not suit my needs as well as a BlackBerry does. As soon as the Torch 1 got released it was fast enough for me to come back. Then the new BBs came out and the Bold 9930 was calling my name. I liked the Torch and frankly it was a close call. Both phones are awesome and in the end I wanted to leave ATT so I went for the Bold 9930.

    I just saw something that may help ATT users decide if they should get the Torch or wait for the Bold.

    I was just at Target, and the Torch 2 was selling for $29.99! New or renewal. I stopped by at ATT and it was still selling for 49.99. Hey, that is twenty bucks!

    That is one heck of an awesome price for a OS7,1.2Ghz, 5MP, AF, HD video recording BlackBerry.

    Just thought I'd share it. I'm in Portland Oregon and I don't know if it is a regional or national price but it is very compelling for 29.99
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    I went into staples a couple weeks ago and they were offering the 9810 at a similiar price. The sales rep even offered plan discounts and everything, he really wanted me to get a phone from there.
    10-29-11 05:21 PM