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    Hey fellow crackheads, My BB 9930 bold died and apparently not all my photos were saved on the Micro SD card. The red light at the top right of the phone lights up but that is all. the phone does not come on at all. So, my question is this: How if at all possible can i download the pictures stored on the hard drive of the phone??? Alimony account number is on this thing. I really really really need it. Thanks.
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    No backup? Might be an expensive adventure.
    04-17-12 11:59 AM
  3. BergerKing's Avatar

    That you have a red light gives you some hope, and you could still lose the images still, but it's worth a try to revive it. It is also one of the reasons to make sure you nack up yoir data, so you can get it back in a catastrophe.
    04-17-12 12:03 PM
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    Similar symptoms...battery drained during an overnight charge. After a battery pull, I was actually able to get a full charge and a full day's use yesterday. Battery drained again overnight. Put it on the charger this morning and was able to send an e-mail. Left for a few hours and returned to find a brick on the counter. Slow blinking red light, no response. Even the desktop software - which knew there was a device at the end of the cord but wouldn't connect - suggested that I install BB device software because the device had none.
    You can recover deleted photos on your phone with photo recovery program, here's a good one: Photo Recovery
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