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    My BB 9000 pairs with my new volvo xc60 connects but only for about 10 seconds and then gets disconnected. I have upgraded the OS from v4.6 to v5.0 but still the problem persists. I tried other cells (HTC. Samsung Nokia) and they work perfectly with the car's bluetooth. Can anybody suggest something that I can do in order to make my BB work with the car's bluetooth? Please note
    that BB bluetooth works perfectly and pairs with other cells.
    07-21-10 01:28 PM
  2. laosole's Avatar
    Please any suggestions?
    08-13-10 08:10 AM
  3. laosole's Avatar
    Please I need help :::::::::::::::
    11-03-10 10:11 AM
  4. jcastilloalonso's Avatar
    I have a 9700 paired with my XC60 and it works perfectly. Have no idea. Did you try going to the dealer and ask them?
    11-04-10 08:48 AM
  5. laosole's Avatar
    yes I did but they told me to change my phone
    11-04-10 11:53 AM
  6. jcastilloalonso's Avatar
    Answer them that it's easier for you to change cars... Seriously it's not an answer, ask for another technician; they should troubleshoot the problem more.
    11-04-10 08:29 PM
  7. lisrow's Avatar
    I have a Volvo S40 and am not able to get my BB Bold 9650 to stay connected to the vehicle's bluetooth. It disconnects after about 10 seconds. I have taken it to the dealer twice and once to Verizon. Verizon told me that Volvo has not installed the latest bluetooth software and the dealer does not know what the issue is. Can anyone please provide a solution.

    Thank you.
    12-09-10 10:14 PM
  8. jcastilloalonso's Avatar
    Have you tried another phone?

    What version of bluetooth does your car comes with? Is it the latest or is it old as Verizon says?
    01-14-11 11:30 AM