1. dismuke81's Avatar
    Ok i can't wait and dont think virgin is getting the new 9330 so i still need a phone with unlimted everything i likes the virgin 8530 but any one know anything about the new boast mobile 8530 it is 10 dollars cheaper per month plus gets cheaper as you stay with them for 6 months or more "paying on time" but is the phone locked down more or any mms troubles like with the virgin mobile 8530 also can i tether it? I used the 8530 on sprint for work and got hooked need it soon help! ! ! !
    10-16-10 12:04 AM
  2. californiablackberry's Avatar
    They both use Sprint's towers.
    So just pick which ever one is cheaper.
    10-16-10 01:01 AM
  3. MACKSnare519's Avatar
    They are both the same, from my understanding. By me formerly having a Boost 8330, I can tell you that it wasn't crippled at all, so the 8530 shouldn't be either. Everything worked as it should.

    It really all boils down to which carriers plan would save you the most money, and give you greater bang for your buck... Boost's plan is ten bucks cheaper? Sounds like a winner. (plus it truly is unlimited everything)

    On the tethering... Boost states in their TOS that they do not allow it and if caught, they have the right to boot you! Lol, however, I can tell you from personal expierence that tethering works. (Just don't get caught by over doing it and downloading massive files)

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    10-16-10 01:48 AM