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    Hey all,

    I've noticed that when I first got my BB (about a year ago) and I got into the habit of performing device back-ups, the time it took to do this was usually a minute or less and the files were small. Lately, the backup takes almost a half an hour and the files are about 115MB -- a considerable difference. I think what may be responsible is checking off the option for backing up the "onboard device memory", whereas before, this wasn't an option or I just didn't tick it.

    My question(s): Do I need to enable this option when backing up my device? And what exactly is getting saved that takes so long? If I don't check off this option, does that mean I am going to loose my apps, themes, etc (anything not on my memory card)? If I only do a standard backup, minus the onboard memory, what am I going to be missing if ever I need to restore from that point???

    thank you, and I'm sorry for my numerous inquisitions.
    10-23-11 07:21 PM
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    Onboard device memory would be backing up what ever you have stored into the onboard device memory;

    Maybe you've saved pictures, or music, or some game files are being installed there,

    depending on the device you have you could have as much as 4GB of onboard device memory, and if you don't have a MicroSD card in your phone that is where stuff saves to.
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    10-23-11 11:22 PM
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    Thank you for the reply! But what if I haven't saved any pics, music etc...If I don't click that option, do I lose things such as themes and applications? Applications are considered device memory, no?
    10-25-11 04:38 PM