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    I'm having issues with the bluetooth on my Storm. I used to be able to connect to my nieces 'dumbphone' and she would send music, pics etc etc to and from our devices. For some reason now though I have a lot of trouble pairing and connecting to her phone (and my husbands). When I do get it to finally connect it drops out/disconnects after about 10 seconds. I'm finding this very frustrating, especially since I was able to fo it before.

    Oh I'm running 5. 0. 0. 451.

    Actually I've just realized that I used to be able to use Bluetooth with no problems before I upgraded to .451. Would this OS be my problem? I'm sure I was on another version of 5.0 when everything worked previously.

    Hmmm any help would be great
    Thank you

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    04-14-10 05:46 AM
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    Can anyone help with this??

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    04-14-10 08:03 AM
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    It could be the OS. Is this a leaked OS or an Official OS?
    04-14-10 11:29 AM
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    Hi, thanks for your reply. No I believe 5. 0. 0. 425 is the official (I have .451). Do you think that maybe I should try downgrading to .425?

    Does anyone know if there is a huge difference between .451 and .425?


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    04-14-10 07:30 PM
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    mines staying connected, just lost half its volume with 607
    04-14-10 10:24 PM
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    I see the exact same thing. I will "pair" with a device. It then within 5 seconds disconnects. If I try to send a file, it connects again, but then fails because it didn't see the connection in time, then disconnects again. This is on multiple devices.
    05-14-10 08:38 AM
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    Try a different OS. I am using a hybrid 580 OS with no problems with my Plantronics Pro. I am going to update the OS to one of the newer 6++ os's tonight
    05-21-10 05:27 PM