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    Since I upgraded from .484 to .624, my Bluetooth will not automatically re-enable itself. Prior to the upgrade, the Bluetooth was constantly enabled and if I were to restart the phone, the Bluetooth would restart on it's own and the headset (Jawbone Icon) would be shown as being paired and would connect without an issue should I power it up. Now, after a restart, the device shows that Bluetooth is disabled and I have to go into options and enable the Bluetooth. After enabling the Bluetooth, the Icon still shows as being paired and everything works fine. I have the CONNECT ON POWER UP set to YES. Apparently, that setting is designed to instruct the device to automatically attempt to reconnect to the last Bluetooth device that it was connected to prior to the reset. That being the case, how can the Tour reconnect to the last Bluetooth device it was connected to if the Bluetooth won't automatically enable?

    Has anyone noticed this anomaly since the upgrade? Does anyone have a remedy - or is this just an isolated bug on my part? It's rather annoying to have to re-enable the Bluetooth after every restart, especially since I'm having a problem remembering to do so - until after my headset won't work and I have an anxiety attack wondering why.
    05-24-10 11:50 AM
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    Well, to expound on the mystery and make things more confusing - [and solidify the fact that I live in the Twilight Zone] - over the course of the last few days, I've reset my device 9 times. Of those 9 resets, the Bluetooth re-enabled itself 3 of those times.
    05-28-10 08:21 PM