1. chadecoen's Avatar
    Hello again, I have been searching but no luck finding out why my old 8310 would connect to my earpiece as soon as I turned the ear on but my new 9700 won't connect even when asked to half the time. And sometimes it asks me to re-enter the password (0000) I don't get it. Can't it store this info and just connect when it sees my earpiece is on? I have a motorola h555 (or at least that is what is listed under paired devices) It will eventually pair but it usually takes several times and if I turn the earpiece off then back on a while later, it will not reconnect. Sometimes it says failed, sometimes it asks for the password again and sometimes there isn't even an option to connect to the listed device. I just want it to pair when I turn the ear on. Any ideas?

    02-11-10 08:58 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    there should be an autoconnect option in the bluetooth setup/options. i just did a fresh OS install so i dont have my headset paired yet. but i know its there and needs to be selected upon pairing a device.
    02-12-10 05:07 AM