1. defender007's Avatar
    I have a 9550 from Verizon unlocked working on Fido. My friend has the same phone. I wanted to transfer a ringtone from my phone to his via Bluetooth. They paired up and when I try to do the transfer I get an error and the transfer doesn't happen. Same thing happens when he tries to send something to his GF Bold 9000. Has VZ cripped out bluetooth or its just a RIM issue?
    03-17-10 11:56 PM
  2. chuckh0308's Avatar
    It should work. I forgot the exact sequence, but once paired up I think you need to select "receive via BT" or something like that on the receiving device and then select "send via BT" from the sending device. I've never sent MP3's, but I did send a few pics one time just to see if it works. I'd try it now, but my 9530 is in pieces...lol!
    03-18-10 12:08 AM
  3. arcanexvi's Avatar
    yeah, you have to do a file transfer and the other BB has to be set to recieve a file. i've done it on my s1 and s2.
    03-18-10 12:57 AM
  4. Mark_Venture's Avatar
    Verizon has not crippled BT on blackberries. I have the same capabilities on my VZW berries as I do on my T-Mobile.

    To send/receive files... You must first pair the two devices. You have to initiate the transfer on both devices...

    So after paring, on the target device, go into Media, then what type (Ring tone, pictures, etc), press menu, and select Receive via Bluetooth. Then On the Source device, highlight the file, menu button, and select SEND via Bluetooth.

    and this is a RIM thing... see -> View Document
    03-18-10 10:23 AM