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    I know this has been discussed but...
    I have 2 bluetooth devices and both worked great with my Tour when I was on 4.7. I upgraded the very latest version of the 5.0 OS. After doing so the volume thru the bluetooth devices is so low you can not use it. Down grade to 4.7 and all is well. I had to get a replacement phone from Verizon which came with 5.0 it had the same problem so I downgraded to 4.7 and all is well.
    I was considering going to the BOLD but before I did I wanted to see if anybody knows if it has the same issues or if anyone knows if there will be a fix to this someday.
    07-13-10 01:57 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry!

    There have been quite a few who have mentioned this kind of issue with their bluetooth volume and different 5.0 builds. I haven't heard of similar issues with the 9650, but some 9650 users have complained about quiet alert sounds etc. They have figured out a way to fix that though.

    The early .419 build has a louder bluetooth volume I believe. You can find the files [HERE]. I would try that.
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    07-13-10 03:37 PM
  3. Cainamzak's Avatar
    Yes the .419 had the loudest 5.0 volume I've found - gonna try .732 this week.

    I value the B/T volume above browser speed so been sticking with .419.
    07-13-10 05:32 PM