1. Mr Gadget's Avatar
    Since the update the volume in my bluetooth headset is so low I can barely hear. Before the update I could actually turn it down a bit and still have a conversation without struggle.

    Anyone know a hack or a fix to change the bluetooth headset volume?
    04-06-10 02:56 PM
  2. skicheer12's Avatar
    I am having the same issue.
    04-06-10 04:45 PM
  3. scoutlover's Avatar
    I am having the same issue. Is there any sort of program or app to boost the volume? I can't use my bluetooth at all any more because of the volume.
    04-06-10 10:16 PM
  4. sbwilsonsw's Avatar
    Ditto me too..At first I thought my BT was going out and ponied up the money for a new one...still no luck...my only fix was I installed a hybrid over at BBHybrids Forums - BBHybrids - Home volume is a little better the hybrid I installed was (8530 -553- Hybridv4 "A") which is for sprint users, they have another one for VZ users.
    04-07-10 09:14 AM
  5. skicheer12's Avatar
    does anyone know if there is a way to revert back to the old bluetooth version within the berry itself?
    04-10-10 07:55 PM
  6. skicheer12's Avatar
    oh well - I decided to downgrade OS. I need my bluetooth to sound right. See ya on the next update
    04-11-10 10:54 PM
  7. deth4uall's Avatar
    Wow and I thought it was just the bluetooth! :S Shows me how long ago I should have gotten one... *sighs*
    04-12-10 01:54 AM
  8. tjirka's Avatar
    Oh go figure! I JUST came home with a new headset after numerous complaints from people listening to me and whom I couldn't hear. Should have remembered it might be the update. Had jus swapped out the phone and figured that must be the problem. After dealing with my carrier, we decided it must be the headset. I will have to go back to the older opereating system-and I can't remember which one that was!
    04-12-10 03:42 PM
  9. Jude526's Avatar
    oh my I have the Tour upgraded to the 5.0 same issues as you all and you have the Curve. I downgraded to the 4.7 on my Tour and all is fine now.
    My suggestion: email your carrier, call them let them know your issues.
    I think if all of us who have problems need to call our carriers. I have the Jawbone Icon and it wasn't work at all on the 5.0
    04-12-10 03:46 PM
  10. skicheer12's Avatar
    for Verizon Curve 8530 I dropped back to and everything is fine now.
    04-12-10 04:56 PM