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    I have been stuggling with the lack of bluetooth sync between my 8310 (running OS 4.5) and my Dell laptop running Win XP SP3 with a Toshiba BT Card. Nothing I could find was helping until I came upon the following site:

    banagale.com/setting-up-bluetooth-sync-in-windows-xp-using-blackberry-desktop-manager-on-a-dell-d630.htm (sorry 'bout the lack of a linky, but forum rules are squashing the hyperlink. YOU NEED THIS! Just cut and paste and add the h..p / / in front. OI!).

    Since I have a D830 with a similar BT card, it worked as directed. I'm fairly certain, given that it is a generic and relatively simple procedure, that other Win XP PCs with BT cards installed on the internal USB hub should work similarly.

    Be sure to read through the entire procedure first. The restart in Step 2 was necessary for me.

    BTW, I did not have any calendar issues with the initial BT sync.

    My $10 is in the mail. Well worth it.

    Have a good one,

    crackin' and bt syncin'
    07-03-08 11:07 AM