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    Hi I have owned the Blackberry 8800 for the past month I am the second owner, now I have been reading a lot on the internet saying that people are unable to even get Bluetooth working that is version 4.3 os onwards, I to have this same problem. People were saying they believed it to be where the blackberry was made but I dont believe that to be the case and is wholey and soley the os from 4.3 onwards that is at fault. I was wondering is it possible to take from the working 4.2 version os Bluetooth component and insert that into the newer 4.5 version os or whatever version the blackberry company is up to at the moment for the Blackberry 8800. Can this be done. If so how, all I want is a fully working product I paid good money for. If anybody knows the answer could you let me know.
    07-27-10 08:34 AM