1. dshiu's Avatar
    i'm having trouble sending and receiving files via bluetooth with other phones o_o

    i dont see the option of sending via bluetooth on my phone and others cant detect me even when my bluetooth is on

    any ideas?
    06-14-10 10:48 PM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    Are you set in the BT options as discoverable? To send media, try using the option within the Media application.

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    06-14-10 11:04 PM
  3. dshiu's Avatar
    sry i made a mistake. the bt option is set to discoverable and my phone IS discoverable, but i cannot receive the file. when my friend tries to send me something it asks both of us for a passcode (we tried 0000, 1111, 1234) i think they go thru (doesn't say incorrect passcode) but it says fail to send everytime

    when i try to send files to other people.. it says my phone is not paired with them (like a bluetooth headset) and asks if i would like to pair with them first. on my list of paired device i also see my bluetooth headset which is weird. but even after pairing with the other phone i still cant send files to them...
    06-14-10 11:09 PM
  4. shansmi's Avatar
    I just paired my 2 9700's. On one I set it up to rcv via bt within the media application and on the other while again in the media app I selected a pic then chose send via bt from the menu...

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    06-14-10 11:10 PM
  5. dshiu's Avatar
    Do i have to pair with the other device first before sending anything? I can't select a phone from the searched list and just pick a phone from there?

    The thing is my phone doesnt even have the "Send using bluetooth" option for me to choose only "Receive using bluetooth"...
    06-14-10 11:15 PM
  6. shansmi's Avatar
    I just did pretty much the same thing from a little samsung I have to one 9700. I sent a few pics and ringtones with no issues. I have not found a way to send contacts...

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    06-14-10 11:18 PM
  7. dshiu's Avatar
    =\ this happens to my other friend's curve as well

    i guess ill play around with it and try to send files to my old phones, just dont understand why this is so difficult.. it should be more user-friendly that even first timers could get it right without much figuring
    06-14-10 11:27 PM
  8. shansmi's Avatar
    To send or rcv, the phones always have to be paired. For two phones, one has to be set to listen and the other to search... This is basically what you are doing with headsets etc when you put one in pairing mode. The headset is then listening and the phone searches...

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    06-14-10 11:36 PM