1. alvis#CB's Avatar
    Hi I try to connect to my laptop(windows7) with 8310 O/s 4.5, I enter password during connection, laptop installs software and writes that it was succesfull, I make blackberry discoverable as well as laptop, disable the encryption on blackberry and when I try to connect to laptop it says 'connection to pc failed' and under it writes headset X. Anyone can help? thank you

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    03-07-10 11:14 AM
  2. cmbarton80's Avatar

    I am really glad you posted this thread because I am having the same issue myself . Prior to last night, I was able to connect and send via bluetooth between my curve 8330 and pc with no problem. I worked on trying to get the two communicating for over an hour yesterday doing every single thing I could think of and no luck....as you mentioned in your post, it says everything worked when doing the initial set-up. On each device, it also shows that the other is set-up as one of the bluetooth connected items but every sync or file send I tried bw the two failed....weird . I am crossing my fingers that someone in here might know what is causing this and know what we can do to fix it .

    03-09-10 04:37 AM