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    I bought this printer a couple of months ago, but had no pressing need to mess with BT printing until last night, when I had a couple of pictures I wanted to print from the phone.

    I stuck in a Belkin BT adapter which I have no computer use for as I cannot get the drivers, since the serial number rubbed off. It appeared to be instantly recognized and seems to be working properly despite HPs insistance that it requires a HP BT adapter.

    I sent one pic to the printer, and it chugged along reading it. then it printed it, with a landscape look to the image, not what I expected. Quality was very nice, though. The next, which I had rotated 90 degrees, printed normally sized, but was washed out. And a 3rd printed similar to the second. The washing out may be due to those 2 being taken indoors where the CCD would not get saturated with color.

    But now I notice that I cannot print Memos, Emails, or just about anything else. Is there a plugin available for BB OSs that will allow BT printing from these applications?
    04-27-09 03:23 PM