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    I have a tour running OS 5.0.484.
    I can get my Plantronics 520 headset to pair Fine with the Blackberry but when I try to make a call or get any sound to or from the headset it doesn't work. I've tried the headset on other phones and it works fine.
    I tried repairing, Pulling the battery, removing all the other profiles and then repairing the device. I've even tried upgrading the OS to .484 from .419 and nothing seems to work. I know the bluetooth has worked in the past just not sure how long it's been since it has stopped working. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance
    02-18-10 10:52 AM
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    Can't offer any help -- mine is doing the same thing. Upgraded to .484, and now my bluetooth headset (motorola 700) will pair (although it does so with difficulty), but then when i turn on the headset it will connect only about 10% of the time. I have deleted and re-paired the headset multiple times, I have done battery pulls -- no joy happens. This is the same headset that worked perfectly with this same 9630 at v4.7, as well as working perfectly with an 8330 before that. It appears to be a v5.0 interaction.

    Have not had a chance to try pairing with GM car yet, which also worked perfectly prior to v5.0, but will do so an report back.

    any ideas will be appreciated.
    03-01-10 07:28 PM
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    BB will not connect reliably to my GM car, which as noted worked perfectly prior to the v5 upgrade.

    I contacted Sprint Tech Support, and they noted that this is a recognized problem with SOME 5.0 upgrades. The only fix is to downgrade back to OS v4.7, then delete Bluetooth profile, then upgrade back to 5.0, and then create new Bluetooth profiles.

    I will also note that my son had NO problems with his upgrade to 5.0 & Bluetooth. He did a PC upgrade, but I did an OTA upgrade as the PC upgrade would not complete on my device.

    Will update after I go do (2) OS installs :~
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    03-11-10 03:17 PM
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    I don't know if this will help but one of the hybrid sites has a bluetooth enhancer patch.

    Driphter.com - Patches

    There is a thread about "broken" bt after upgrading to OS 5 where you can and cannot get to certain devices and/or change or not change their profiles. The suggestion was to first remove all profiles before the upgrade which sounds something like the advice you got. I was stuck like that - some of my bt devices worked, some did not and I could not remove the broken ones. But I did not want to go back to 4.7.x. What I did was DELETE the Bluetooth cod file from my Tour using BBSAK. Then I added it back using BBSAK. All bt devices were gone on restoration and then I added them back and all work. I did backup everything prior to "playing" these games. No promises and maybe downgrading OS and then upgrading is easier.

    Good luck
    03-11-10 06:59 PM
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    Thanks F2 -- I saw another post that suggests the same thing you did -- use BBSAK to delete and reinstall the bluetooth .cod. I have not had the chance to try that yet. I also have not been able to find the bluetooth .cod so a pointer would help, and I'll give that a try .......

    because .......

    In the meantime, I did do a backup of 5.0 being sure to delete the bluetooth profile before the backup, then downgraded to 4.7, then reinstalled 5.0, then added devices back to bluetooth profile ....... results = no joy. Devices would pair (with great difficulty) but would not connect or would not stay connected.

    Then I did a complete JL_cmder wipe, reinstalled 5.0, reset up the bluetooth devices, and still no joy. Devices paired easily -- first time -- but now they show immediate connection, but when a call is placed the call does not go through bluetooth, despite the connection icon showing. I can then manually select "connect (device name)" and the bluetooth will work. I have not done long sustained calls yet to get a read on connection reliability yet, but at least the connection holds for longer than 4 or 5 minutes.

    Sprint tech support acknowledges that the BT is a problem with 5.0, said they have no idea when the fix will arrive from RIM, and their basic suggestion was to go back to 4.7.

    So -- my next step is to try the BBSAK replacement of the BT .cod file when I can find it.

    I don't know if the downgrade / upgrade is easier, but it sure is time consuming !!

    More to come
    03-12-10 07:32 PM
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    I tried the bluetooth update as suggested using BBSAK, but there was no improvement of bluetooth function with OS 5.0.

    I finally gave up and just went back to OS 4.7, and the bluetooth function is back to perfect. Guess I will have to stay with 4.7 until there is a further fix for BT with 5.0.

    Additional contact with sprint Tech Support got the same suggestion to just use 4.7, and still no word when this get fixed by RIM. They are starting to see more cases of this problem. I tried to get the problem escalated to RIM tech support with no success.

    That is all.
    03-18-10 06:20 AM
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    Since 5.0 i can connect, but it sounds like im in a car driving with the windows open according to the person on the other end..
    03-18-10 09:06 AM