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    Ok, I have a 2010 Lexus IS with the bluetooth built into the car the phone connects and works fine... but its paired as a bluetooth music player as well... when i use slacker radio and i have it set to bluetooth instead of headset i dont get any sound out of the car... the stereo acts like its playing the music but no sound... If i put it on headset it works just fine through the phone... does this sound like an issue with the bluetooth cod or whatever is installed or just an incompatibility with the car??? Any help you guys can offer is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance... (also the issue was on VZW's .732 os... I just upgraded to Driphters DV13 Hybrid but have not tried it yet... I think its an .822 or .810 base...will try tomorrow and see if there is any difference)
    08-24-10 08:09 PM